Tasting Menu

We are pleased to suggest you our ‘Tasting Menu’ that you will be able to personalize, combining dishes of your choice, from our ‘À la Carte’ Menu. Each culinary route consists of a specific number of dishes and related cost.

3 Courses Tasting

Appetizer, First Course & Dessert
€ 55,00 per person

3 Courses Tasting

Appetizer or First Course, Main Course Course & Dessert
€ 65,00 per person

4 Courses Tasting

Appetizer, First Course, Main Course & Dessert
€ 80,00 per person

*In case you will choose our Tomahawk, from the above ‘Tasting Menu’ choices that include a Main course, it will be requested an additional cost of Euro 15,00 per person

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